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This Site Is Now Archived

As of April 2, 2014, Middle East Voices (MEV) is no longer an active site. It remains online solely for archival purposes, as one of many chronicles of the uprisings of the Arab Spring and events subsequent to them.

Powered by Voice of America,  it was originally conceived as a collaborative reporting platform, later morphing into a marketplace for analysis and perspectives about a region in transition.

MEV’s stated mission was to inform, amplify voices, stimulate dialogue and foster understanding within, without and across man-made borders.

In September of 2012, MEV was recognized by the Online News Association with an Online Journalism Award in the “Topical Reporting, Large,” category.

MEV would like to hereby extend its gratitude to all academic institutions, think tanks and non-governmental organizations, as well as independent experts and authors for all their insightful contributions to our site.

The MEV team included:

Frances Alonzo – contributing reporter
David Arnold -  contributing reporter
Elizabeth Arrott – VOA Cairo bureau chief
David Byrd – contributing reporter
Rebecca Collard – stringer
Mohamed Elshinnawi – contributing reporter
Stephanie Figgins – stringer
Cecily Hilleary – associate editor, contributing reporter
Jurij Hiltajczuk  – chief online editor
Davin Hutchins – managing editor, project initiator
Patrice Martin – multi-media producer
Robert Morris – VOA Middle East hub manager
Jeff Newman – stringer
Baris Ornarli – contributing reporter
Dan Robinson – VOA White House correspondent
Scott Stearns – VOA State Department correspondent
Kate Woodsome – interim associate editor
Susan Yackee – contributing reporter

The team responsible for the site’s design, creation, SEO and maintenance included:

Randy Abramson, Edin Beslagic, Rob Bole, Steve Fuchs, Rebecca Lundregan, Adam Martin, Heim Park, Eric Pugh, Al Neustadter, Rebecca Shakespeare and Doug Zabransky.

Interns who contributed to the effort:

Delaney Chambers, Patrick deHahn, Christina Howerton, Hyacinth Mascarenhas, Lolla Mohammed Nur and Hina Samnani.