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Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: Careers

Today we’ll look at the unique employment challenges for young women in the Middle East and what is being done to grow private sector jobs for them.  We’ll also talk to women from Ramallah and Kuwait who are using a time-honored solution of entrepreneurship to empower women toward financial independence – Joining me to More »

Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: Oman’s Internet Crackdown

Oman has made headlines recently by fining and imprisoning at least eight writers and bloggers for criticizing the government on the Internet. As many as two dozen other activists were then detained for protesting that crackdown on the freedom of expression. Join Women Rising host Frances Alonzo as she speaks with one woman who says More »

Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: Mai Iskander

Egypt’s political awakening mirrors that of a young journalist as she reports first-hand the difficulties of her country on its path to democracy.  The young woman’s coming of age is captured by Egyptian-American filmmaker Mai Iskander in her documentary Words of Witness.  Join Women Rising host Frances Alonzo as she speaks with Mai about More »

Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: Dalia Mogahed

As the Arab world takes its next steps toward self-governance, understanding the priorities and aspirations of  Egyptian women is of increasing importance. The Gallup Center for Muslim Studies in Washington D.C. released its newest study findings of transitioning Arab societies and their effect on women. The study found that women and men in the Arab More »

Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: The Role of Women in the Arab Spring and Beyond

Women have played an important part in Arab Spring revolutions, and their continued involvement is deemed crucial to the ongoing social and political transformations in the region. Lilia Labidi, former Minister of Women’s Affairs in Tunisia and Moushira Khattab, former Egyptian Ambassador to South Africa discuss the current and future role of women in More »

Women Rising with Frances Alonzo: Arab Women Bloggers Become 'Agents of Change'

Women in the Middle East are flexing their political muscle in ways not seen before.  They are using the internet and social media to change their world. In the short-term, the tactic is working.  However, questions remain as to how to make long-term changes in a culture that does not allow women to be More »