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Passages: Combatants for Peace

On this Passages, host David Byrd introduces you to two men – one a former Israeli army officer and the other a former Palestinian militant – who are working together to bring about peace. Erez Krispin is a former Captain in the Israeli Defense Forces. He says he is still a Zionist, but an incident More »

Passages Podcast: War Crimes – A Murky Search for Justice

This time on Passages, host David Byrd explores the massacre at Houla, Syria, and whether those involved could face war crimes charges.  He talks to three experts on international law and human rights – Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch; Rosa Brooks, Georgetown Law Professor and former White House and State Department adviser, and More »

Passages Podcast with David Byrd: Religion and Politics

Some people say you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics, but in today’s world, the role of faith in public policy is becoming more important.  This week, I talk with a couple of experts on both: Andrew Preston is a Cambridge University professor who says President Obama’s actions have not matched his rhetoric when More »

Passages with David Byrd: Christian in Iran Faces Death

This week on “Passages,” David Byrd looks at the case of an Iranian Christian pastor who could be hanged for his faith.  The White House, the State Department and the UN have weighed in on Youcef Nadarkhani’s case, but so far Iran has not revoked his death sentence.  Also, David talks to Elizabeth Stone More »