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VOTE NOW: Is It Time for a Permanent Muslim Seat on the UN Security Council?

U.N. Security Council (Reuters Image)

Since the founding of the United Nations, Middle Eastern countries – with their Muslim majority – have witnessed persistent conflict and these conflicts have been deliberated in countless U.N. Security Council debates and resolutions.  One idea that has generated great controversy  as of late is the merits and drawbacks of the appointment of a More »

POLL: What Arabs Really Think About Turkey

A newly-released survey finds that majorities across the Middle East have positive views about Turkey and its role in the region.  This according to the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), which yesterday released its third annual Perception of Turkey in the Middle East survey. Out of more than 2,300 respondents  TESEV surveyed across More »

Middle East Monitor Podcast Archive – February 2012

 More »

Social Media – Recruitment Tool for Terrorists?

The recent headlines were enough to concern even the most cynical reader. “Terrorist groups recruiting through social media,” blared the headline at the CBC’s website.  “Social Media Gave Terrorist Groups Second Wind,” read the report at “Terrorists making ‘friends’ on Facebook,” topped the Digital Journal story, underscored by an image of a masked More »

Five Political Arab Spring Music Bands You Need To Watch

Arab Spring was a revolution of the arts as well as the politics of many Middle Eastern countries.  One form of artistic expression that became integral to the demonstrations on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere in the region was music.  Witness the rise of Ramy Essam, an architecture student in Mansoura who grabbed his More »

ANALYSIS: With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Ascendant, So Too Hamas?

When the revolution broke out in Egypt in January, Gazans were almost universally optimistic. Even when gasoline and cigarette prices started to rise in the Strip, Gazans felt change in Egypt could only bring better things to the territory. Most in the tiny coastal enclave of 1.6 million people simply believe the situation couldn’t get More »

Palestinian Activists Take Humor, Advocacy and Criticism Online

Palestinian online activists gather in a restaurant in Gaza City, March 31, 2011.

“#DearDictator you need to learn from the Ba$ha Salama. Those who rule the waves, wave the rules,” reads a tweet from a spoof account in the name of Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad (@SalamBasha). The account is one of several set-up by unknown activists using satire to criticize Palestinian officials online. “Just dropped a billion on More »