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Middle East Voices

Middle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as a supplement to, is designed to present news, views and conversation to stimulate dialogue and understanding within, without and across man-made borders. On our platform, among other content, you will finds expert insights and community-submitted viewpoints on pressing political, economic, social and religious issues reshaping the Middle East and our world.

Middle East Monitor Podcast: Palestinians Reject New Settlement Plans

-   Latest Israeli settlement plans draw Palestinian ire -   Syrian activists report fighting at Yarmouk Refugee Camp -   Pakistani gunmen kill six polio vaccination workers -   Iraq’s president in critical condition following stroke Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as a supplement to, is More »

Middle East Monitor Podcast: US Contractor Attacked in Afghanistan

-  At least one Afghan is dead in a bombing incident. -  A wave of violence in Iraq leaves more than two dozen people dead. -  The United Nations chief condemns the escalation of violence in Syria. -  India and Pakistan ease cross-border travel restrictions. Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered More »

Images of the Week: December 8 – December 14

Events unfolded within Syria this week as well as internationally. Chemical weapons are a concern and could dramatically change the nature of the war there. Also, the U.S. and also the Friends of Syria, in a meeting in Morocco, recognized the Syrian National Coalition as legitimate representatives of the Syrian people. In Egypt, demonstrations More »

Middle East Monitor Podcast: Russia Denies Change in Syria Policy

-  The Russian Foreign Ministry says, despite reports to the contrary, its stance on Syria stays the same. -  The U.S. plans to send two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey. -  The U. N. chief nuclear inspector says some progress has been made in talks with Iran. -  Clashes break out in Egypt between supporters and opponents More »

Middle East Monitor: 100 Nations Bond on Syria

- Reaction to ‘Friends of Syria’ giving recognition to the opposition. - Possible placement of NATO defense batteries in Turkey. - Egyptians take to the streets ahead of constitution vote. - Turkey’s prime minister attacks a popular TV show. Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, More »

Current Affairs Podcast: Morocco’s Transition, Role in Region

Youssef Amrani, Morocco’s deputy foreign minister, sits down with host Carol Castiel to preview the objectives of scheduled strategic discussions between his country and the United States, which will include talks about Syria, Mali and the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate. Morocco currently hosts a “Friends of Syria” meeting in Marrakesh. J. Peter Pham joins Carol in More »

Current Affairs Podcast: Hassan Mneimneh on the Middle East, State of the Arab Spring

Following the United Nations General Assembly vote to accord ‘Palestine’ non-member observer status at the U.N., Hassan Mneimneh, an expert on Middle Eastern history and Islamist movements at the German Marshall Fund of the United States sits down with host Carol Castiel to talk about a range of issues affecting the region in the More »

Current Affairs Podcast: Safinez Bousbia Speaks on Bonds Forged by ‘Chabbi’ Music

Host Carol Castiel speaks with Safinez Bousbia, the director of an award-winning documentary, El Gusto, which recounts the story of a group of Muslim and Jewish musicians torn apart by Algeria’s war of independence 50 years ago and reunited recently by their common passion for the music “chabbi.” You can listen to chabbi music More »

WATCH: Saudi Arabia’s Pre-Islamic History Revealed

The mention of Saudi Arabia often has people envisioning an oil-rich, nearly empty desert, where Islam originated. An exhibit in Washington, D.C., offers insight into the real history of the Arabian Peninsula, focusing on its pre-Islamic role as a trade route, the influence of nearby cultures, and the evolution of language. VOA’s Faiza Elmasry More »

QUICKTAKE: The Specter of Syria’s Assad Resorting to Chemical Weapons

Despite past promises made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that he would not use his vast arsenal of chemical weapons against his own people, U.S. intelligence has reportedly obtained evidence that Assad’s security forces might be preparing for just that. According to media reports, U.S. officials believe precursor chemicals for sarin, a deadly nerve More »

Images of the Week: December 1 – December 7

Syria and Egypt dominated the news this week, with no shortage of news-worthy events throughout the region. Syrian government and rebel forces continued to clash, particularly near Damascus. Intelligence sources say the Assad government is preparing chemical weapons, which has alarmed the international community to prepare for a response. Events in Egypt grew bigger More »

SOCIAL STREAM: Egypt Violence Intensifies

Opponents and supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi clashed near the presidential palace in Cairo, Wednesday.  More »

Images of the Week: November 24 – November 30

This week saw continuing conflict in Syria with the added twist of the Internet being completely shut down in the country. Protests were seen in Bahrain and Kuwait, but the ones getting the headlines were in Egypt, where strife continued over the president’s new powers and the draft of the new constitution. But the More »

Middle East Monitor: New International Action on Syria

- The “Friends of Syria” issue a warning - Who is behind the Syrian social media black-out? - Egyptian protesters focus their wrath on a draft constitution - Palestinians achieve ‘State’ status at the U.N. - Turkey presses on – trading gold for Iranian natural gas - U.S. lawmakers continue to probe the Benghazi attack Middle East VoicesMiddle East More »

Middle East Monitor: Egypt’s Shifting Political Winds

- The focus of protests is changing as clashes continue in Cairo -  Explosions rip through a Damascus suburb - Is diplomacy working in Yemen? - Palestinians seek a U.N. upgrade - U.S. Republican senators dissatisfied after meeting about Benghazi attack - Muslim women host a fundraiser for super-storm victims Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social More »

Middle East Monitor: Egyptians Return to the Streets

- Protests rage against an Egyptian presidential decree - The U.S. is concerned about the Egyptian president’s assumption of dictatorial powers - An opposition activist cites recent gains in Syrian fighting - Afghans worry about Iran’s growing influence - Concern for the future of Gaza Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by More »

Middle East Monitor: Egyptians Prepare for Tuesday Showdown

- Egypt’s pro- and anti-Morsi forces plan mass rallies - The Israeli defense minister is quitting - The Gaza cease-fire appears to be holding, amid signs of normalcy - Iraqi Kurdistan pushes its limits on oil - Campaigning against “killer robots” Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The More »

Images of the Week: November 17 – November 23

The week began in a military conflict, ended with a political conflict, and had a truce in-between. The clash between Hamas and Israel ended with an Egyptian brokered cease-fire. While Palestinians in Gaza celebrated, those in the West Bank pondered the future of relations with Israel and with Hamas. Meanwhile, deaths continued to mount in More »

Middle East Monitor: Cease-Fire Announced for Gaza

- Egypt says it has brokered a cease-fire for Gaza - We visit a bombing site in Gaza; meanwhile an Israeli bus is targeted - A warning that winter poses a deadly risk for Syrian children - Iranian Kurds fight discrimination and see hope for the future Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism More »

Middle East Monitor: Gaza Violence Continues for Now

- Air raids continue in Gaza, although an Israeli ground operation is “on hold” - Obama sends Clinton to the Middle East for talks on a truce - The Kurdish insurgency faces a crossroads - Critics of Jordan’s king bemoan possible missed opportunities Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice More »