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Middle East Voices

Middle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as a supplement to, is designed to present news, views and conversation to stimulate dialogue and understanding within, without and across man-made borders. On our platform, among other content, you will finds expert insights and community-submitted viewpoints on pressing political, economic, social and religious issues reshaping the Middle East and our world.

This Site Is No Longer Active

Middle East Voices (MEV) is no longer an active site. It remains online solely for archival purposes, as one of many chronicles of the uprisings of the Arab Spring and events subsequent to them. Powered by Voice of America,  it was originally conceived as a collaborative reporting platform, later morphing into a marketplace for analysis More »

WATCH: Egyptians Tested 2 Years After Uprising

Two years after their historic uprising, many Egyptians, from intellectuals to the working class, are reflecting on what has been gained since the heady days on Tahrir Square and what still needs to be done. VOA’s Elizabeth Arrott reports from Cairo. Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by More »

Middle East Monitor: Libya Said to Have Lacked Capacity to Protect US Mission

- U.S. Senator says Libya was not prepared to protect Benghazi consulate - Afghanistan assumes increasing responsibilities for its own security - Hospitalized Secretary of State Clinton reportedly improving Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as a supplement to, is designed to present More »

WATCH: Makeshift Museum Chronicles Egypt Revolution

Activists in Egypt have created a makeshift museum to chronicle the last two years of uprisings and political protest. VOA’s Al Pessin visited a branch of the museum that has been set up across the street from the presidential palace in Cairo, where he spoke to one of the museums founders. The video was More »

Middle East Monitor: Brahimi Issues Blunt Warning on Syria

-   U.N.-Arab League envoy issues ominous warning on Syria -   Israel eases blockade of Gaza Strip -   Israel’s foreign policy challenges in 2013 Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as a supplement to, is designed to present news, views and conversation to stimulate More »

Middle East Monitor: Is Egypt’s Constitution Being Rushed?

- Egypt’s final draft constitution timing proves controversial - Despite political divides, Syria’s Kurds want autonomy - The U.N. considers the Palestinian status - The deadly Benghazi attack is taking its toll on the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, More »

Middle East Monitor: A Fragile Truce

-        There has been a shooting at the border separating Israel and the Gaza Strip -        Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi gives himself almost total power -        Increasing pressure on China to help end the violence in Syria Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. The site, as More »

Middle East Monitor: The Israeli-Hamas Truce Holds

- The truce between Israel and the main force in the Gaza Strip seems to be holding - The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations defends herself on what she knew about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi - Syrian rebels take control of a key military base in eastern Syria Middle East VoicesMiddle More »

Images of the Week: November 10 – November 16

All eyes were on the Gaza Strip and Israel as the tension between them turned into an air battle. Egypt and others are trying to mediate a truce, but Israel is preparing for a ground war. Jordanians protested the lifting of fuel subsidies, making some think the demonstrations could turn into anti-government disobedience. The More »

WATCH: Lebanese Children Learn Abbreviated National History

Lebanon’s many different sects have their own history, which makes formulating a unified national history challenging. The 1989 Taif Accord, which ended the 15-year Lebanese civil war, called for civic education to be uniform across the country in order to promote national unity. But as Paige Kollock reports for VOA, the goal remains unrealized.  More »

Middle East Monitor: International Appeal for Syrian Aid

- The International Red Cross launches a new refugee appeal - With the U.S. election over, will policy towards Syria change? - Israel responds to the Syrian war spilling over the border - Acquitted medics face an uncertain future in Bahrain - Lebanese children learn an abbreviated national history Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a More »

Images of the Week: November 3 – November 9

Egypt had on-going debate over their proposed constitution and also saw the Coptic community select a new pope. The killing continued in Syria, with hundreds reported killed. The British offered safe passage for President Assad, but he vowed to remain in Syria. A trial began in Turkey of the Israeli military  officers involved in More »

Images of the Week: October 20 – October 26

Protests, then calm began the week in Lebanon with the funeral of Wissam al Hassan. The last of the debates between the U.S. presidential candidates focused on the Middle East, with an emphasis on Iran. An estimated three million pilgrims made their Hajj to Mecca this week. Israel and Hamas traded firepower before settling into More »

WATCH: Egyptian Singer Tackles Real, Metaphorical Walls

The Fair Play international music awards honor young musicians for their work exposing corruption and oppression around the world. This year’s winner, Youssra el Hawary, who will travel to Brazil in November to receive her award, comes from Egypt. VOA’s Elizabeth Arrott spoke to el Hawary in Cairo. Combining a poem written by a friend More »

QUICKTAKE: “Utterly Irresponsible” – Grand Mufti Ceric

(File photo) The Grand Mufti of Bosnia Mustafa Ceric visits the former Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Oswiecim, Poland, Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011. A large number of Muslim dignitaries, joined by rabbis and Christian representatives came to Auschwitz to pay tribute to the millions of Jews and others who were systematically killed in the Holocaust, a visit made to fight anti-Semitism and bridge cultural rifts. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)

Bosnian Mufti Mustafa Efendi Ceric, in an exclusive interview with VOA’s Bosnian Service, commented on the anti-America protests around the world, including smaller rallies in Bosnia and the Serbian province of Sanjak, triggered by a U.S. amateur-made YouTube video and French cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad. Below are some excerpts of his comments. The More »

QUICKTAKE: Civilian Deaths Increase from Syrian Air Strikes – Donatella Rovera

Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Adviser, recently spent two weeks in northern Syria, going to more than two dozen villages and cities. She spoke to VOA from Turkey, on the Syrian border, about the Syrian army’s indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Idlib, Jabal al-Zawiya and north Hama. Amnesty International has just released More »

Ambassador Christopher Stevens As I Knew Him – A Personal Reflection

Official titles can be burdensome for those who hold them. They can obscure a person’s humanity – a humanity that is often exposed more in death than it is in life. Those who personally knew U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, who was killed last week along with three other Americans in an attack More »

QUICKTAKE: Libya’s Enduring Conflicts – William Lawrence

William Lawrence, Director of the North Africa Project for the International Crisis Group, spoke with VOA’s Carol Castiel on Thursday by phone from Tripoli. He shared his thoughts about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the tragic death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, whom Lawrence knew and respected. In a wide-ranging conversation More »

Middle East Monitor: Clamor Over a US Ambassador’s Death

- Top US officials condemn the killing of four Americans in Libya - An American Islamic organization responds to the violence - Is a Syrian no-fly zone feasible? - Spy arrests raise Turkish-Iran tensions - US and Israeli leaders will not be meeting in New York – problems? Middle East VoicesMiddle East Voices is a unique social journalism More »

QUICKTAKE: Benghazi Attack Does Not Represent Most Libyans – Ann Marlowe

Ann Marlowe is a journalist who covered the revolution in Libya, continued to spend time there, and just concluded a three-week trip to the country yesterday, the day of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed. She published an almost prescient op-ed More »