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Faysal Itani

Faysal Itani is a fellow with the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East.

INSIGHT: Dealing Away the Middle East?

In the abstract and in isolation, a U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal is a welcome development. While it does not eliminate Iran’s nuclear program, it does complicate any future Iranian efforts to develop a robust nuclear military capability. It also shows that the United States and Iran, two sworn enemies, are capable of rationally pursuing their More »

INSIGHT: Lessons Not Learned in Egypt

A protester with an Egyptian national flag rests during a rally in Cairo April 19, 2013. (Reuters)

As Egypt struggles to avoid economic collapse amid political instability and widespread unrest, it presents a critical case study of the lessons learned and ignored from the Arab uprisings. Faced with shrinking foreign reserves, a widening budget deficit, and low growth, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government appears to be wrestling with the urgency and risks More »

INSIGHT: Jordan’s Dilemma

Jordan has long faced economic challenges, and now a convergence of political and economic factors threatens to undermine the social contract that has historically held the kingdom together. Its sporadic embrace of pro-market reforms since the late 1980s, through privatization and the monarchy’s nurturing of an urban economic elite, failed to improve living standards More »