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Davin Hutchins

Davin Hutchins is Consulting Editor of Middle East Voices. Hutchins brings 17 years of journalism experience to VOA after working with media organizations such as CNN, Tech TV, Huffington Post and PBS. He specializes in news, documentaries and new media with an emphasis on international social issues, media training and online delivery platforms. Hutchins lived five years in the Middle East and covers the dynamic changes that have been triggered by the Arab Spring.

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: Egypt Returns to Tahrir Square

CAIRO – Early last year, the powerful images of millions of Egyptians flooding Tahrir Square became a symbol embraced by the world as ground zero of Arab self-determination. Sure, Tunisia was the Arab Spring’s first revolution to depose a dictator. Bahrain, Yemen and Syria have had their own uprisings, still largely unresolved. But Egypt’s Tahrir Square More »

#EgyptDecides – Ashraf Khalil: Reflections on Tahrir

Ashraf Khalil, an Egyptian-American journalist living in Cairo, literally wrote the book on Egypt’s Tahrir revolution. After writing for the Times of London and Foreign Policy magazine, in 2010, Khalil wrote “Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution and the Rebirth of a Nation” about the events leading up to the January 25 revolution that More »

Uneasy Mood Grips Egypt Ahead of Presidential Runoff Poll

CAIRO – Late Thursday evening and into early Friday morning, protesters began to amass in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court and Justice Ministry issued rulings which many believe may throw the country back into an era millions of Egyptians were trying to escape when they ousted strongarm president Hosni Mubarak in More »

#EgyptDecides مصرتقرر# : Help Us Tell Egypt’s Election Story in Two Days With Your Phone

The Voice of America is calling on Egyptian university students, freelance journalists and youth of all political persuasions to help our reporters tell the story of Egypt on Election Day. On June 16 & 17, grab your mobile phone and show the world what you’re experiencing when #EgyptDecides. Hosted by @MEVHutch Twitter hashtags: #EgyptDecides For Arabic users, More »

Syrians: Proxy Alternatives to Green Simurgh, Hotspot, Tor

Fear is now an integral part of life in cities and towns across Syria. As our ongoing  Syria Witness series has illustrated, average citizens in places like Homs, Hama and Deir Azzour live in constant fear. Outbreaks of violence between Syrian government and opposition forces are a daily occurrence. Shabiha mercenaries are said to roam More »

Analysis: An Agenda for Egypt’s Next President and His First 100 Days

All eyes are on Egypt this week as the democratic birth-pangs that began with last year’s Tahrir Revolution seem to be undergoing their final convulsions. Two days of voting May 23 and 24 mark the main event – the heavily anticipated presidential election, the first after the ouster last of long-time president Hosni Mubarak. More »

Samsung, iPhone, Nokia and the Next Arab Spring

FILE - A Saudi woman is seen using an iPhone at a festival on the outskirts of Riyadh. (Reuters)

If there is to be another Arab Spring in the next few years, it will look markedly different from what has transpired in 2011-12. Social media and mobile phones clearly played a role. But satellite television was deemed the amplifier that took self-organizing groups on Twitter and Facebook and turned them into million-man (and More »

Is the Arab Spring Over? – Part 1: Reflections on Bahrain

Is the Arab Spring over? It’s a question on the minds of many observers of Middle East politics. Back in 2011, in Bahrain, Syria and Egypt, television stations broadcast scenes of defiant democracy movements and socially mobilized youth taking to the streets, in most cases peacefully demanding the removal of old systems along with More »

Will There Be an Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia?

Why has there been no Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia? Are Saudis frightened of the consequences of dissent? Are they politically too apathetic? Are they happy with their socio-economic system? Observers suggest it may be a little of all of the above. Background In mid-December 2011, a series of sporadic protests erupted across Saudi Arabia, roughly More »

The Muslims Are Coming! Which Muslim Comedian is Funniest?

Muslim-American comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad are on a mission. Actually, the first part of their mission is complete. Back in 2011, the two comics launched The Muslims Are Coming! Comedy Tour. The idea was to take misconceptions about American Muslims head on by doing a series of benefit concerts throughout the deep More »

Middle East Monitor: More Sanctions Facing Syria For Faltering Truce

Concerns that diplomatic efforts to end the violence in Syria will fall short — and the international community considers options; Bahrain protesters clash with security just days ahead of the Formula One Grand Prix and Turkey and Kurdish Iraq talk about trade and strengthening ties. But Syria’s crisis complicates things. Davin Hutchins guests hosts.      More »

Middle East Monitor: Capitol Hill Lawmakers Focus Squarely on Syria

The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing headlined “Recent Developments in the Middle East: The Security Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.” Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee was Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.  At the same time, Senator John Kerry presided More »

Formula One Grand Prix Is On, Bahrain Protesters React

After much  deliberation over safety concerns, the International Automobile Federation has given the green light to move ahead with the Formula One Grand Prix which is scheduled to take place in Bahrain on April 22. Giving a statement in Shanghai at the Chinese Grand Prix, F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone said, “All the teams are happy More »

If Bahrain's Al-Khawaja Dies From Hunger Strike, Who Is to Blame?

If Bahrain's Abdulhadi Alkhawaja dies, who is to blame? Part of the Bahrain coverage on  More »

Gay Imams, Alcohol, Women Leading Prayers – Is This Islam or Heresy?

Follow @MEVHutch // The progressive American online publication Huffington Post is highlighting a growing trend in the experience of some American Muslims which is causing cries of both praise and condemnation in social media. And that trend includes the rise of welcoming gay Muslims to congregations and allowing women to lead prayers. Our question for More »

VOTE: #Dubai Police Wants Crackdown on #Twitter . Are You Afraid?

Reactions to recent speech by Dubai Chief of Police that judges should crack down on Twitter use. More »

LIVE BLOG: Ambassador Robert Ford Testifying on #Syria Before U.S. Congress

Since March 2011, growing numbers of anti-government protests in Syria have been met with a brutal crackdown by the Syrian government, including widespread killings, torture, and indiscriminate shelling of cities. More than 8,000 people have been killed, and over 200,000 people have been displaced. The Syrian government is even using landmines as a deadly tactic to prevent civilians from escaping. This hearing will examine the systemic and grave human rights abuses by the Syrian government, and the impact of those abuses on the Syrian people. More »

FILL THE BLANK: My Life In #Kuwait Would Be Better If _______

Middle East Voices is trying a new approach to engage Kuwaitis and help shape our future coverage of issues that matter to Kuwaitis. We have a simple approach: FILL THE BLANK. Today’s question: My Life In #Kuwait Would Be Better If _______ Here’s how it works: - By using the Disqus comment fields below, type in your thoughts on More »

Syria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next Year

Syria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next Year Syria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To The Next YearSyria Anniversary: Looking Ahead To More »

VOTE NOW: Will There Be An Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia?

U.N. Security Council (Reuters Image)

Why has there been no Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia? Are Saudis frightened of the consequences of dissent? Are they politically too apathetic? Are they happy with their socio-economic system? Human rights activists suggest it may be a little of all of the above. What do you think? Background Report In mid-December 2011, a series of More »