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Christina Howerton

Christina Howerton is a junior reporter and intern at VOA. She is completing her Master’s in International Media at American University in Washington, DC. With interests in new media, international relations and the Middle East and a background in journalism, she works with VOA's Middle East Voices team to report on issues and events in the region.

QUICKTAKE: Syria Censorship Challenges US Policymakers – William Rugh

The Syrian government has virtually banned foreign journalists from entering the country, making it difficult to confirm what really is happening in the fight between pro-Assad forces and rebel groups. U.S. Ambassador William Rugh spoke with VOA’s Christina Howerton about the censorship and how Washington considers unofficial reports in policymaking. Rugh worked as a diplomat More »

SYRIA WITNESS: Aleppo Students Defied Threat of Death to Protest

The University of Aleppo has become home to thousands of Syrian families fleeing violence in the country’s largest city. Before the school turned into a refugee center, it was the scene of violent protests. Ahmad al-Halabi, our source in Syria, says he witnessed the anti-government protests during the Spring of 2011. Al-Halabi, which is More »

QUICKTAKE: Syria – Targeting Medics Appears to Be Assad Policy, Says Refugee Expert

There have long been reports that Syrian government forces are resorting to even the most ruthless methods or tactics in their efforts to quell the now 16-month-old uprising against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Michael Shaikh, Country Operations Director at the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), recently traveled to Lebanon, Jordan and More »

SYRIA WITNESS: Activist Disputes Syria Gov’t Version of Damascus Blast

Abu Hadi is an activist who says he lives in the southern Midan district of Damascus. He describes what is being called the battle for Damascus as an intense struggle between combat units of the Free Syrian Army and the security forces of the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Also, he disputes the official More »