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Anna Mahjar-Barducci

Anna Mahjar-Barducci is a Moroccan-Italian researcher and author, based in Jerusalem. She was raised in Africa between Zimbabwe and Senegal and studied in Tunisia, Pakistan and Europe. She worked for European and Middle Eastern media. Her opinion pieces have been published in Corriere della Sera (Italy), Al-Arabiya (UAE), Haaretz (Israel), Daily Star (Lebanon) and she has appeared as a guest analyst also in African media. She has published several books including "Italo-Marocchina" (Italy, 2009) and "Pakistan Express" (Italy, 2011).

VIEWPOINT: Is Sectarianism Eroding Israel’s Democracy?

An Orthodox Jewish worshiper prays at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site, ahead of Yom Kippur in Jerusalem's Old City October 7, 2011 (Reuters).

In the last months, thousands of protesters have been rallying throughout Israel, calling for social justice and protesting the high cost of living, the inequitable tax burden, and the monopoly of tycoons and cartels over the economy. Real change, however, will not take place as long as protesters ignore the urgent need for improving More »