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Afghan President Hamid Karzai (Reuters file)

Middle East Monitor Podcast* with Susan Yackee

  •  The Afghan president says no talks with the Taliban for now (1)
    (Interview with Karl Inderfurth, former assistant U.S. secretary of state for South Asia)

Also in today’s show:

  • President Obama speaks out about nuclear weapons (2)
  • Turkish demonstrators adopt a new type of protest (3)
  • The U.N. nudges Lebanon to open camps for Syrians (4)
  • Opponents of Egypt’s president are mobilizing (5)
  • A U.N. official says Libya continues to face a difficult transition (6)

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*Middle East Monitor podcasts comprise elements featured in VOA on-air products

Middle East Monitor

Middle East Monitor is a daily podcast devoted to trending Middle East-related events and issues. Produced by the Voice of America in Washington, it is hosted by Susan Yackee. Contributors include: David Arnold, Elizabeth Arrott, Robert Berger, Scott Bobb, Jamie Dettmer, Mohamed Elshinnawi, Cecily Hilleary and Ed Yeranian. Producers: Patrice Martin and Pia Salmre.

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