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Egypt’s draft constitution is supposed to be ready by December 12; however, many political forces are already rejecting the draft constitution and the deadline may not be met.

Amr Hamzawy

Amr Hamzawy, founder of the Free Egypt Party and former liberal member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly, explained at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington the challenges facing the draft constitution.

He then listed what he termed as major flaws in the wording of the draft that he sees as threats to the goal of establishing a post-revolution, democratic Egypt. He also announced that he is releasing an alternate version  for the public to review.

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Mohamed Elshinnawi

Egyptian-American Mohamed Elshinnawi is a senior reporter at VOA. He covered the Middle East peace process from Camp David in 1978 through the 1993 Oslo Agreements to Syrian-Israeli talks in 2000. He interviewed Arab heads of state, prime ministers, foreign ministers and as well as ranking U.S. officials, including members of Congress. He hosted "Dialogue with the West," a live TV show which, broadcast via satellite from Washington, reached 35 million Arabs. He is fluent in Arabic and English.

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  1. Shafiq

    November 22, 2012

    Every step towards it should be appreciated and supported by the Egyptians and the world community at large. It is the need of time and they should finalize it ASAP.


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