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“All of us share this world for but a brief moment in time. The question is whether we spend that time focused on what pushes us apart, or whether we commit ourselves to an effort – a sustained effort – to find common ground, to focus on the future we seek for our children, and to respect the dignity of all human beings.”  – U.S. President Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009

In his historic Cairo address to the Middle East, U.S. President Barack Obama pledged to promote peace and democracy in the region.  Today, as the region witnesses a  bloody revolution in Syria, seemingly insurmountable obstacles to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and rising tensions over Iran’s nuclear ambitions,  many in the region today are questioning whether the U.S. leader, just re-elected to another four-year term, can live up to the promises he made three-and-a-half years ago.  MEV senior reporter Cecily Hilleary has been monitoring reactions to the Obama victory, and has compiled them in this Storify report:

(The following Storify stream might not display on some mobile devices.)

Cecily Hilleary

Cecily began her reporting career in the 1990s, covering US Middle East policy for Dubai-TV English. She has lived and/or worked in the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf regions, consulting and producing for several regional radio and television networks and production houses, including MBC, Al-Arabiya, the former Emirates Media Incorporated and Al-Ikhbaria. She brings to VOA and MEV a keen understanding of the region's top social, cultural and political issues.

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