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Hatem Rushdy

Hatem Rushdy is an Egyptian blogger and editor of the non-fiction first person accounts compilation 18 Days in Tahrir: Stories from Egypt's Revolution. He owns and runs People Plus, an Executive Search and HR Consulting firm.

VIEWPOINT: Aboul Fotouh, the Man Egypt Needs for President

Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh will be my choice for Egypt’s first freely elected president when I head to the ballot box in late May. He gives me a commodity hard to find in these messy days my country is going through. He gives me hope. His whistle-clean reputation, revolutionary spirit, modern and moderate-yet-genuine Islamism, More »

VIEWPOINT: Mona Eltahawy, Your Facts Are Wrong and We Don’t Hate Women

Mona Eltahawy’s recent article in Foreign Policy “Why Do They Hate Us?” (as in why do Arab men hate Arab women?)  fell far short of my expectations for such a widely read columnist. I say this not only as an Arab Muslim man who doesn’t hate his mother, sister, wife or daughters (nor knows, or More »

VIEWPOINT: Egypt's Presidential Poll – the Muslim Brotherhood's Next Move

Zugzwang (pronounced tsoog-tzvung), a German term, literally means “forced to move.” In chess jargon it describes a situation in which any move a player can possibly make will significantly weaken his or her position. Applied to Egyptian politics, that is exactly the situation the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) finds itself in today having made some irretractable More »

VIEWPOINT: Egypt – What’s the Point of Electing a President?

A friend of mine observed once that he was born while Hosni Mubarak was president, graduated from college and got his first job during his reign, met his wife-to-be, married her and fathered his children under Mubarak’s rule and fully expected to die, and perhaps even (he added only half-jokingly) to be resurrected while More »