Syrian Air Force helicopters used by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad are seen at a military base at Taftanaz near the northern province of Idlib

Middle East Monitor Podcast with Susan Yackee

  •  Reports say rebels took control of a key  Syrian military base
    (Interview with Jeffrey White, The Washington Institute)

Also in today’s show:

  • A warning about Shi’ite Muslims living in Pakistan
  • A U.S. court considers the release of bin Laden raid photos
    (Interview with Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch Group)
  • Cities from Gaza to Istanbul are paralyzed by a rare winter storm
  • Lebanon and Cyprus agree to boost energy cooperation

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 PODCAST: Syrian Rebels Seize Air Base

Susan Yackee

Susan Yackee is anchor of VOA's International Edition radio show. She has been a reporter in the Washington area for more than 35 years and regularly interviews newsmakers and analysts in DC and around the world. Susan works in television, radio and social media.