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- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at a Friends of Syria meeting, says it is “intolerable” that Russia and China continue to block a peaceful resolution of the crisis in that nation by backing President Bashar al-Assad.
- The mood in Libya where three million people have registered to vote in the nation’s first multi-party election in 60 years, taking another step towards a new constitution.
- A new study lists the top geographical hotspots for diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Maybe where you live.

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  1. Nantasarn Seesalab

    July 7, 2012

    After Arab Spring, the old regimes in the meadle east shoulp keep in minds that the world of today and tommorow has been changed due to impact of the globalization.Now many ountries accept this concept shuch as Egypt.Yemen, Libya and so forth. Syria is one of the latest countries to be changed althouth two countries in the UN security Council will not cooperate with other three – UK, France and USA.


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