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A U.S Marine watches from his outpost sunset in Iraqi town of Falluja.

U.S. troops are preparing to leave Iraq in line with a December 31 deadline.  In doing so, they will end a war that was excruciatingly costly, both in terms of human lives and resources. More than 4,400 American troops have lost their lives, as have some 112,000 Iraqis, according to estimates. That’s not to mention the conflict’s $800 billion price tag. As a result, questions abound as to whether it was a war worth fighting.

Some say it was:

“The Iraqis, for the first time, really had a shot at freedom, and while Iraq today isn’t perfect, for the vast majority of Iraqis, life is much better than what it was under Saddam.”

Others disagree:

…we’re drawing to a close and leaving behind what? Not a victory, but probably multiple generations of hatred for Americans…

For more opinion and deeper analysis on the issue, check this report by VOA’s Cecily Hilleary.

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